A Balanced Ego

I’ll give you some exercises or examples of what it’s like to have a balanced ego: Can you sit in a situation where somebody is calling you names and not feel it?

Hmm? Even if they’re right?

[Kryon smiles.]

Can you?

Can you sit and take that kind of verbal abuse and not feel it? Can you smile in the joy of the moment while it’s taking place? Can you be detached, watching the movie, as they say…can you?

I’ll give you something to do, an exercise. The next time this situation occurs, I want you to try to disengage.

And when you are looking at the person abusing you, in their anger, in their unbalance, in their turmoil, I want you to love them. At this moment, they are the ones who are out of balance, not you.

Their abuse of you is an invitation for you to join them in an “out-of-balance experience.” [Laughter] So sit there and endure their unbalance, don’t join it.

Then when they’re finished, if they’re within touching distance, you might touch their arm gently and say, “I’m sorry you’re having a bad day.” [Laughter] Can you do that?

Do you know what happens when they don’t get the reaction from you that the drama they’re putting forward is supposed to create? They are completely and totally disarmed.


Kryon, from „Book Eleven – Lifting the Veil – Page 279“


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