Beautifully and softly human

They say,
„Yes, you will suffer.“

But they don’t say,

„But you will also
experience the deepest of joys.

You will experience
the births and deaths
of the greatest of loves.

And the sun warming
the blood under your skin
after the coldest of winter.

And the rain against your window
will sing you to a peaceful sleep.

And you will awaken some mornings
in the arms of someone
who will love you most of all.

There will be moments
when your soul
will gleam so beautifully,
even the universe
will bask in your happiness.

Yes, you will suffer.

But you will be happy
beyond your wildest dreams.

And that will make
every second of the suffering worth it.“

They should say that.

Because it is that balance
that makes us beautifully
and softly human.


Nikita Gill


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