Boundaries Checklist – Defining a Healthier You

When we begin to identify what it is we are worth, we are able to successfully set boundaries for ourselves with others. We stop chasing people who don’t love us or show up for us because our narratives and boundaries for ourselves are greater than accepting mediocre love. We trust in a love greater than on what has to be chased.

When our sense of self is intact, we don’t have space for things that don’t measure up. There is no room in our lives for people who don’t play big. When we know what a beautiful relationship looks like, we don’t accept less.

You see, once we challenge the narratives that keep us playing small… the ones that let us accept less… just less… we begin to believe in something much greater: a sense of loving and belonging… and knowing that we are deserving of it.

When we are secure in that, we don’t allow any person to send us any message that doesn’t support it. And if they do, it’s easy for us to realize that they’re not for us.


Say No To

  • Ignoring my emotions.
  • Pretending I don’t have needs.
  • Expecting people to read my mind.
  • People pleasing.
  • Ignoring conversations that need to take place.
  • Taking on other people’s problems.
  • Allowing people to drain my energy.
  • Spending time with toxic others.
  • Ignoring what makes me happy.
  • Gossipping about others.
  • Not taking better care of my health.
  • Being financially irresponsible.
  • Expecting to be rescued.


Say YES To

  • Honoring my inner guidance.
  • Trusting my instincts.
  • Being more open minded and less reactive.
  • Minding my own business.
  • Speaking my truth calmly and being fair in my approach.
  • Allowing others do find their own way out of problems.
  • Boosting my energy my own way, like taking a walk.
  • Finding people I vibe with and have positive mindsets.
  • Making myself happy.
  • Walking away from negativity.
  • Eating well, exercising and meditating.
  • Financially responsible.
  • Rescuing myself.


Lisa A. Romano


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