Creating change

If you want to create change, you have to do it from a level of energy that is greater than guilt, greater than pain, greater than fear, greater than anger, greater than shame, and greater than unworthiness.

I want to emphasize how important elevated emotions are for the process of creation to work. When you decide to observe a future in the quantum field that you want to manifest, if you’re doing it as a victim or as someone who’s suffering or feeling limited, your energy is not going to be consistent with your intended creation and you won’t be able to call that new future to you. That’s the past. You may have a clear intention and therefore, your mind may be in the future because you can imagine what you want, but if you feel any of those familiar limited emotions, your body still believes it’s in the same past experiences.

Any lower-vibrational energy that you are feeling cannot carry the thought of your future dream. It will carry only a level of consciousness equal to those limited emotions. Therefore, if you are going to perform something that’s unlimited, you’d better feel unlimited. If you want to create freedom, you better feel free. And if you want to truly heal yourself, you’d better raise your energy to wholeness. The more elevated the emotion you feel, the greater the energy you broadcast and the more influence you will have on the material world of matter. And the greater your energy, the shorter the amount of time it takes for your manifestation to appear in your life.

There are infinite possibilities that exist in the quantum field as electromagnetic frequencies. As you combine a clear intention with elevated emotions, you are broadcasting a whole new electromagnetic signature into the field. When there’s a vibrational match between your energy and the energy of that potential, the longer you’re conscious of that energy, the more you will draw the experience to you.

In this process, you relax and allow a greater mind – the consciousness of the unified field – to organize an event that’s right for you. You essentially get out of the way. When you are surprised by an unknown experience that seems like it came out of nowhere, that’s because you created it in no where. Something appeared out of nothing because you created it in no thing. And it can happen in no time if you create it in the realm beyond linear time – that’s the quantum field, where there is no time.


Dr. Joe Dispenza


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