Dealing with anxiety

Anxiety is an appropriate response to:

– Painful past frightening memories that made us feel powerless

– Painful anticipated thoughts about something in our future


Stop judging anxiety and try this instead:

The next time you feel anxious, close your eyes and draw your focus to your divine heart place. Place your hand on your heart and speak out loud these words:

All I have is THIS moment and in THIS moment, I am enough!

We are NOT taught to OBSERVE or NOTICE our anxiety, and instead, many of us layer MORE anxious emotions and thoughts on our original feelings of anxiety.

When dealing with anxiety, it is helpful to understand that anxious feelings in the body are signals that within your beautiful mind somewhere are memories of PAST painful, powerless moments, OR, your mind may be using its fantastical prefrontal lobe to IMAGINE a future disempowering situation.

Why does the mind recall painful data?

Your mind is wired to protect you and keep you aware of painful events so you can recall at lightning speed situations in the NOW that you may wish to avoid. And your mind is also doing all it can to AVOID another painful experience by having you ANTICIPATE what might happen next.

However, when we DO NOT include CONSCIOUSNESS into this divine system of emotions, memories, and anticipatory thoughts, we can become OVERWHELMED and feel like we are being consumed by LOOPS of terrifying emotions and thoughts.

Remember, you have the POWER to introduce CONSCIOUSNESS into your mind’s systems of processing data at any moment!

The next time you feel anxious, STOP! Just STOP! Take a deep breath to reset the thoughts in your mind and get you out of fight or flight and then do the most SELF COMPASSIONATE thing ever, and place your hand on your heart and whisper, „At this moment, all is well, and I am absolutely enough!


Author unknown


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