Energy drain

Energy drain occurs when you consciously or unconsciously feel responsible for the well-being of others – and literally leak out vital force in order to donate to those around you.

You may be triggered into leaking out energy when you sense that someone is in need, but when this energy donation becomes long term or happens in a long term intimate relationship, you may be left completely empty.

If you are an empath or intuitive this pattern can be lethal and lead to chronic tiredness and even illness.

If you are a therapist or in the caring professions you may be leaking energy daily to your patient and clients, meaning that you are literally being drained in every working moment. This leads to professional burn-out and chronic fatigue.

Energy drain can manifest in numerous ways.

You may at a subtle level be hemorrhaging out streams of previous vital personal energy to others.

This energy will often come from your Womb Space (present in men as the Hara) or the seat of your personal energy and power.

Other signs that you are being drained include you care-taking others emotionally and even financially.

Ultimately by care-taking you are trying to protect your loved ones from taking responsibility for their own lives.

You will often be magnetically attracted to your polar opposite – energy vampires, people who through their own traumas and wounds are unable to source their own core energy, and who literally need feed off the vital energy of others to survive.

Affirm that you are never responsible for the wellbeing, health, emotional health or financial situation of anyone but yourself (the only exception being your children until they real legal adulthood).

Realize that your precious vital, emotional and personal energy actually cannot transform, heal oder nourish others.

It will never actually fill them, however much they take. That is why the drain is never-ending.

All individuals must find the way to become energetically, emotionally and materially empowered and self-sourcing.


Diana Beaulieu


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