Enjoy your work and life, now!

Spencer Johnson teaches us four fundamental ways to use your present moments to enjoy your work and life… now!


1 – Be in the present

When you want to be happier and more effective, focus on what is right now. Respond to what is important today.

You already know what the present is. You already know where to find it. And you already know how it can make you happier and more successful. You knew it best when you were younger. You have simply forgotten.

The present is not the past and it is not the future. The present is the present moment. The present is right now.

Even in the most difficult situations, when you focus on what is right in the present moment, it makes you happier, today. And it gives you the needed energy and confidence to deal with what is wrong.

Being in the present means tuning out distractions and paying attention to what is important, now. You create your own present by what you give your attention today.


2 – Learn from the past

When you want the present to be better than the past, look at what happened in the past. Learn something valuable from it. Do things differently today.

It is hard to let go of the past if you have not learned from the past. As soon as you learn and let go, you improve the present today.

Anytime you are unhappy in the present and want to enjoy the present more it is time for you to learn from the past or to help create the future.

Look at how you feel about what happened in the past. Learn something valuable from it. Use what you have learned to make your work and life more enjoyable today.

You cannot change the past, but you can learn from it. When the same situation arises, you can do things differently and become happier and more effective and successful today.


3 – Help create the future

When you want to make the future better than the present imagine what a wonderful future would look like. Make a realistic plan. Do something today to help it happen.

No one can predict or control the future. However, the more clearly you imagine what you want to see happen, plan for it, and do something today to help it happen, the less anxious you are in the present, and the more the future is known to you.

Beginning today, picture what a wonderful future would look like. Make a realistic plan. And do things to help it happen.


4 – Realize your purpose

Explore ways to make your work and life more meaningful.

Living in the present, and learning form the past, and helping to create the future is not all there is. It is only when you work and live with purpose and respond to what’s important about the present, past and future, that it all has meaning.

How you respond depends upon your purpose.

When you live and work with purpose, and respond to what is important today, you are more able to lead, manage, support, befriend, and love.

Being more successful means becoming more of who you are capable of being. Each of us defines for ourselves what it means to be more successful.


Spencer Johnson, from the book „The Present“


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