From Thought to Matter

Everything starts from a conscious thought. A conscious thought slows down in frequency, it slows down in energy until ultimately it takes on form and becomes matter.

At the frequency of the speed of light, the pattern of all matter is reflected as a template to become structure. It is at the speed of light that energy divides into polarity or duality and electrons and positrons are created. Above the speed of light, there are greater degrees of order that are reflected as greater degrees of wholeness.

As we journey in consciousness from matter and get beyond ourselves, turning our attention inward toward the unified fielt, once we cross the plane of visible light, we become no body, no one, no thing, no where, in no time. It is in this realm that we experience as an awareness of other dimensions, other realities, and other possibilities. Since frequency carries information and there are infinite frequencies in the quantum, we can experience other planes that exist there.

If you look at the arrows moving from matter toward the unified field – the top straight line – representing all possibilities, you will see that you must journey through the lower frequencies between matter and light, which are different levels of thoughts and emotions. Look at the different levels of consciousness that you have to pass through to arrive at oneness and you will understand why most never make the journey.


Joe Dispenza


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