Has anyone told you?

Sometimes the only thing we really need is to feel loved and appreciated. This short presentation is designed to fill that need by reminding you of just how unconditionally loved you truly are. Enriched by the soul-stirring music of Karen Marie Garrett, this movie will empower you to move forward through your day with confidence, knowing that above all else, you are needed, you are appreciated and you are so very loved.



Have you been fed today?

Has anyone told you today that you are loved? Has anyone made you feel appreciated and let you know how special you are?

Has anyone assured you that you are exactly who you need to be? And that in simply doing what you love to do, you are doing enough?

Has anyone reminded you that you didn’t come here to prove anything?

You just came to be YOU. Just you. Because being you is ENOUGH.

You are one of a kind, a true original, a masterpiece of incomparable value… And without you, the world would be incomplete like a puzzle missing a crucial piece. And you are the only being in the universe who can fill that final space.

Has anyone told you that the regrets of yesterday belong to yesterday?

And that high now, in this one profound moment in time, you are prefect. As perfect as you were created to be.

Has anyone taken the time to let you know that you are infinitely smarter than you give yourself credit for being? And a thousand times more capable of achieving your dreams than you believe yourself to be?

Has anyone told you that you should never, ever doubt your own worth?

Because even in those moments when you feel it the least, you are still wonderfully made, and there is within every single cell of your being enough power to light the world.

God placed it there the day you were born, and every loving thought you think radiates forward, brightening the world and making it a better place to be.

That’s how powerful you are.

That’s how loving you are.

So now, I ask again… Have you been fed today?

Has anyone told you that you are truly loved?

If not, then won’t you please let me be the one?

You are loved.


Kate Nowak


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