It’s not you, it’s your programming

You are vibrational beings
you are source energy beings

It’s not your programs,
it’s their programming…

When you are thinking
the subconscious mind takes over!!!

The mind is not paying attention

We don’t manifest our dreams
with our conscious mind,
because the unconscious mind
takes over 95% of the day!!

LOVE is the red pill in the matrix…

Falling in love
means you stay conscious
and you stop thinking,
but you stay conscious….

This is available to you
every day of your life –
when you stay conscious…

95% of the subconscious mind (program)
are negative thoughts and beliefs.

It’s not the universe,
it’s your programming.

Everything that doesn’t come in at ease,
is not supported by the subconscious…
you need to reprogram
your subconscious mind…


Bruce Lipton


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