Karma is the unconscious conditioning that runs your life. It is partly collective and partly personal, they come together.

Spiritual Awakening is not part of karma. It breaks into the karmic realm. You won’t become awakened by good karma.

Karma = Unconscious identification with the conditioned patterns of the past. If you do so you are condemned to rebirth. Every second of your life.

You rebirth in the same form, thought, emotion, etc. over and over again.

Your unconscious beliefs make you meet unconscious people. Or half unconscious people which will be pulled into unconsciousness by your unconscious beliefs.

Karma the complete absence of conscious presence. And so it is automatic. It plays itself out.

Time does not free you of karma. Karma repeats itself, it’s a wheel.

The only thing that frees you from karma, is the arising of presence.

Karma has an enormous momentum. The reactive patterns and their emotions are huge. But with each presence the power diminishes. The patterns become weaker, they loose grip, it matters not that much any more.

In the light of awareness the patterns no longer run or dominate your life.


Eckhart Tolle


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