The most powerful energy

The most powerful energy, frequency and vibration in this universe is love.

You have come to Earth to assist by holding this frequency and learn to love as your soul.

As you radiate love, you are bringing the most potent force from the universe into all of life.

It is love that creates miracles, heals all wounds, transforms relationships and purifies all lower energies.

There is always enough love and it can’t be lost or given away.

As you share love, you also will receive love.

Love is always the answer and best choice to make.

There are many energies in this universe as we live in a world of vibration.

All energies, including peoples’s will, emotions and any negativity may be transformed and harmonized with love.

All energies in this universe benefit from love.

Allow yourself to be love and bringt love in this experience of life on earth.


Abigail Wainwright


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