The Power Of Thought And Feeling

Gregg Braden explains how the energy field of human emotions can manifest „miracles“, whether it is healing or creating peace, when you apply conscious positive focus on what you want.

As an example he talks about a woman who had a 3″ diamater bladder cancer who, by western medical standards, had been diagnosed as inoperable. She went, as a last resort, to a medicine-less hospital in Beijing, where they began simply by addressing the life-affirming ways that she could change how she was living her life, they taught her life-affirming ways to breathe and life-affirming ways to nourish her body, gentle movements to stimulate the energy centres in her body. She then underwent a procedure to remove it. Using a split-screen ultrasound monitor, the first showing a freeze-frame of her tumor, and the second showing real-time activity, three practitioners used energy work to facilitate the healing, which showed the tumour disappear within three minutes.


Anemerkung: Das ursprüngliche Video aus 2012 wurde von Youtube gelöscht, und ich habe es mit diesem Video aus 2016 ersetzt. Es ist etwas kürzer, aber es behinhaltet den Kern der Botschaft.




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