The right people

The right people feel different to your nervous system.

The body has powerful consciousness, and it’s continually using its whole system to help us guide our lives and the energy in them. The nervous system communicates through energetics, vibration, emotion, and signals.

Are you honoring the signals?

They come to guide you toward higher vibrations and not away from them. I’ve said in a few podcasts interviews that the feeling of butterflies is not a sign of high vibrational attraction but unsettledness and alarm. Your nervous system is at ease, balanced, and disarmed with the right people for you and not sent into fight or flight mode.

The right people induce the right neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) in your body, which will feel calm. At times, this feeling can be mistaken for „boring“ or „too normal“ if you’re used to butterflies, chaotic, and fight or flight relationship energy. As you drop into the mindful practice of honoring the best relational and energetic connections for you and your nervous system, your sense of „boring“ will transform into safe, sound, calm, joyous, and high vibrational relationship energy; and these types of relationships will fulfill and reward you long term in ways that low vibrational ones could never.

Listen to your body’s sacred wisdom. Honor the signals within.

Hold space for high vibrational relationships, journey in grace and love yourself through the process of honoring who and what is good for you and your nervous system.


Lalah Deliah


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