This is the past leaving

Say to yourself: I see your struggle and it is beautiful. I am here to support you through it. When the past becomes strong, let it arise and leave. Do not interfere with it. If you get pulled in and are forced to resist, that’s okay too. For that is also the past leaving.

You can’t feel your power if you never let it go. In giving up your power alone is your strength revealed, for only the strongest can surrender. In doing so you’ll be free of your burdens and find the freedom you have been searching for.

To resist the past is to resist the painful, pleasurable or the hurtful thoughts arising. In resisting them we reinforce them and push them back in. We create more unfulfilled experiences to deal with later.

The cycle continues the more we resist and breaks only when we let the past arise and do what it needs to. This often brings fear and that fear pulls us back into resistance perpetuating the cycle of pain.

When that fear is allowed then the breakthrough happens. Each one of us has felt this because this struggle is the burden of humanity. It is our suffering and our cross to bear. From that suffering arises great beauty, dignity and compassion. If only we face it instead of running. If only we can say to ourselves, „This is the past leaving“…


Author unknown


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