To let it go, is to let it be

Accumulation of memories is not the problem, but accumulating their emotional content is. The emotional content exists when the memories have not been fully processed.

If we are able to process what happened, even the deepest of experiences leave no emotional mark on us. If we aren’t able to process our past, we keep accumulating it.

This past exerts it’s effect on our present lives. We hold on to our fears, pains, limitations because of this past.

If we are able to release this content, then we can be free of it. Releasing happens, when we are no longer fighting it.

If  we can let our past be, no matter how painful it was, if we can watch it by being present, and not be consumed by it, then we can let go of it.

If there is struggle or resistance to a past memory that resistance is preventing it from being released. To end that resistance is to begin the process of discarding it.

The memory is like a box and the emotional content is what’s in that box. When the box is empty the memory can’t contain any pain. Releasing the emotional content is to empty the box.

To process the memory and empty the emotional content one has to fully anchor oneself in the present. Then as the past surfaces let it be, without resisting it or fighting it. All the while maintaining a strong anchor in the present moment, which is the sounds, sights and sensations in one’s current experience.

To let go, let it be.


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