Vagus Nerve Exercises

Hier kommen fünf sehr hilfreiche und wertvolle Videos von Sukie Baxter über Trauma, den Vagus Nerv, Angst und Sicherheit und wie wir unseren Körper und unser Nervensystem pro-aktiv dabei unterstützen können, wieder in die Entspannung und in Balance zu kommen.


Video description: It’s true that your body holds emotions that cause physical pain. In this video, I tell you how to release trauma stored in the body so you can heal pain, stress and tension and become more of who you actually are.


Video description: In this video I show you three vagus nerve exercises to rewire your brain from anxiety. I also share what anxiety actually is (and the surprising reason why it’s good for you) as well as what to do when anxiety hits.


Video description: This vagus nerve reset is designed to relieve stress and anxiety by restoring the social engagement state referenced in Polyvagal Theory developed by Stephen Porges.


Video description: Vagus nerve massage is a great way to increase vagal tone through direct manual stimulation for stress and anxiety relief anytime you need it.


Für mehr Hintergrundinformation zur Polyvagal-Therorie gibt es hier ebenfalls ein sehr gutes Video von Sukie Baxter:



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